Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut: Among the Indonesian Folk Music, Dangdut Agendas, and the Fabrication of Woman Body

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About Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut,
Written by Martha Betaubun, ‪Desca Angelianawati, and was originally published in The Journal,
Jul 10, 2022

Asef Saeful Anwar’s name seems to be more familiar among the Indonesian academia rather than among those in the Indonesian literary arena; such a lamentable fact regarding to the number of books he has ever published. Despite his occupation as a lecturer at one of the universities in the small city of Yogyakarta, Asef – as what we call him is also a linguist and a dangdut music enthusiast. This book Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut – To a Dangdut Radio (Channel) – Eng. translation, is not an exception to this phenomenon. The uniqueness of this book lies beyond its veil: mainly focuses on a radio channel which keeps playing the old dangdut music. This is not a niche topic within the literary arenas simply because some other Indonesian writers, such as Kedung Dharma Romansha to give an example has ever gone through dangdut music in one of his books. So, what differentiates Asef’s book Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut with other books? Let’s check them out!

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