Sambal dan Ranjang: Sex Over Sambal?

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About Sambal dan Ranjang,
Written by ‪Desca Angelianawati, and was originally published in The Journal,
Mar 10, 2021

Most of the Indonesian literature enthusiasts may not yet familiar with Tenni Purwanti even Tenni – as what we often call her; she was one of the notable writers in Emerging Indonesian Writers, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2015. Went unnoticed for some time, it later takes a while for Tenni to enrich Indonesian literary scene with the book Sambal dan Ranjang simply translated as Chili Paste and Bed in English published by one of the Indonesian publishing magnates Gramedia in October 2020. The book is a compilation of sixteen short stories, in which the allegories and narrations functions as a social critique toward multiple issues in Indonesian society.

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