Situated Testimonies, a Review by Manneke Budiman

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About Situated Testimonies: Dread and Enchantment in an Indonesian Literary Archive,
Written by Manneke Budiman, and was originally published in Research Gate,
Dec 01, 2014

Can an entire nation be haunted by a trauma that originates from phantoms, ghosts from the past that are not materially real yet exist in the psychical realm? Can fantasies, spurred by a desire for a future that may fail to come true, become the source of a “national trauma”? Can dread of what is perceived to be lacking in the present join forces with melancholia of what may be lost about the past (because memory fails to remember it) in order to paralyze a nation and sabotage its progress toward the future? Above all, can one psychoanalyze a nation bearing such a complex neurosis?

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