Women’s Suppression and Resistance through Literature

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About Bagaimana Cara Mengatakan “Tidak”?,
Written by ‪Desca Angelianawati, and was originally published in The Journal,
Jan 20, 2021

A mother takes her daughter, a six grader to an elementary school one early morning. Instead of seeing her daughter again at home after school, the child went missing and was found dead, naked and with severe injuries around her genital several days later. The teachers in that school state that this girl was sexually harassed and murdered. The perpetrator is none other than one of the construction workers that they hired to construct a new building in that school. Following the incident, learning activities were suspended. There was also no police report and no news reported of this in the media. Some do not call this murder a tragedy but as kesialan perempuan – a bad luck of being a woman. This is what they say:

“ Dina…pernah berkata bahwa selain menstruasi dan melahirkan, setiap perempuan dalam hidupnya pasti akan mengalami perbuatan tidak menyenangkan dari laki-laki. Ia menyebutnya sebagai “kesialan perempuan”: mulai dari disentuh dengan sengaja di payudara, paha, atau bokong, dicium paksa di pipi atau bibir, dipeluk tiba-tiba, dipaksa memegang atau melihat penis, hingga yang paling buruk seperti pemerkosaan.”

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