Family M

The following short story is excerpted from Budi Darma's newly-translated collection, People from Bloomington. Darma was a novelist, short-story-writer, and literary critic. He received several national and international literary awards. Tsao is a literary translator and writer. Her translations … [Read more...]

Four Poems by Chairil Anwar Translated from the Indonesian

Prayer Doa To the devoted My Lord In awe I still call out Your name Although it’s truly difficult Remembering You in the fullest Your light is sacred warmth What’s left is the candle in the stillness My Lord I’ve lost my shape, crumbled My Lord I am wandering in a foreign … [Read more...]

I Believe the Man in the Attic Has a Gun

Fess Avenue wasn’t a long street. There were only three houses on it, all with attics and fairly large yards. Drawn there by an ad in the classifieds, I moved into the attic room of the middle house, which belonged to a Mrs. MacMillan. She herself occupied the lower floors. Such being the case, I … [Read more...]

A New World, A New Self

We entered a strange new world. The year 2020 had been off to a great start. The Tokyo Olympics and the Dubai World Expo had been vaunted to be spectacular. Airports in Singapore, London, and Doha had been bustling. Prospective travelers had been enthusiastic about vacation plans. When the news … [Read more...]

On Sounds

Ever since I started getting sick a few days ago, I've acquired two new habits: counting death and sleeping—or rather, controlling my dreams, which requires sleeping. The latter is especially fun, because in my dreams I can see just fine. I can also direct the scenes inside the dream however I like. … [Read more...]