The Story of a Tongue

The Story of a Tongue by Clara Ng is the magical tale of Asna, a young girl who discovers a whole civilisation growing on her tongue.

She discovered a small town in her mouth. A month ago, just as Mother had finished braiding her long hair to the left and right of her head, Asna heard the sound of a baby wailing.

It seemed to have come from inside her body — even as the thought ran through her mind, she realised how strange that would sound. Yet it certainly seemed that way to her. She was stunned by the possibility of such a thing, but she got over it and steeled herself to look in the mirror. She opened her mouth and looked into the darkness in her throat and waited for the silence to pass. A minute later, she could hear the loud cries of the baby.

From “Sergius Seeks Bacchus”

Titled after two, fourth-century Christian martyrs whom the gay community has adopted as icons, and comprised of thirty-three poems (the number of poems corresponding to the age at which Christ was crucified), Norman Erikson Pasaribu’s collection draws upon various aspects of his own life—his sexual orientation, his ethnic Bataknese background, his Christian upbringing and grappling with the beliefs thereof, his familial history, history at large—to furnish readers with a new kind of gospel, a bittersweet and tragicomic good news, pieced together from encounters with ridicule, violence, and also, happiness.

Making an Elephant Happy

Making an Elephant Happy by Eka Kurniawan is a dark and whimsical tale of an elephant on a mission to find its way inside a refrigerator.