Joshua Karabish

I received a letter from his mother stating that he was dead. When and where Joshua had died, it didn’t mention, and the letter itself came by regular mail, not express courier. It did, however, contain a request: if I had the time or money to spare, would I be willing to pack up his belongings and … [Read more...]

Mysteries of Visiocherries

As with artists, it’s only natural for fruit engineers to experience arid periods of inspiration. Kwodvide, one of the senior fruit engineers in the Bio-Corporation, managed to design something to solve this problem: an inspirational cherry which he named visiocherry. At first Kwodvide consumed … [Read more...]

The Plot to Kill The Muezzin

. … [Read more...]

The Ocean, the Father, and the Daughter

[The Ocean] I am vast and boundless. Open and accepting. Embracing all. When that slender body squirms, stretches and wriggles, I stretch myself as wide as I can to embrace her. I am ready to receive any sorrows, regrets or aspirations. I am ready to wash away all kinds of mortal … [Read more...]

The Old Man and the Cat

There’s a square on the edge of a busy town. People go there in the late afternoon to sit and relax, to buy food or exercise. A short young man, with a very large nose, pulled up at one of the corners on his motor scooter, near the basketball court, right on the junction. It was early afternoon, … [Read more...]