So What’s Your Name, Sandra?

Her son’s name was Bison and, wouldn’t you know, she’d enjoyed calling him “Son” for short. Four months after the death of her one and only son, Mama Sandra took a trip to Mỹ Sơn, Quảng Nam, Vietnam. She left Jakarta on a Friday morning in early October, changing planes in Kuala Lumpur. The … [Read more...]

Blood Moon over Aceh

Chapter 1 The Presence of Fighters One evening in July of 1989, Leman’s coffee stall at Tamoun quickly filled with cheering villagers. The crowd suddenly fell quiet when my uncle, Arkam, started speaking. Arkam’s loud voice could be heard outside of Leman’s stall. Drawn by the unusual … [Read more...]

Brewed Love

The man had watched her since she was a bud and as she blossomed. He was intoxicated by her fresh fragrance. Every morning, he peeked at her out of the window while smoking his kretek cigarette. The smoke spiraled out of the sides of his mouth as he chanted his mantra. His eyes were wild and filled … [Read more...]

A Flyer

This software will assemble a series of steps that will guarantee you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. It was created in response to skewed notions of ‘happiness’ which have caused acute sorrow of pandemic proportions. To begin, please enter your personal data, including your real … [Read more...]

five from Museum Penghancur Dokumen / Document Shredding Museum

ERASER'S GUEST It's a shame this poem's already been erased when I go to read it. Like humid air that tugs at my arm to catch what will fall, is falling, and falls. What's up with erasing? Glue, scissors, yarn, make a shadow of barbed wire. I erase the word erase from the documentation, out … [Read more...]