The Danarto I knew

He was smiling over there: Danarto. It was 1978. He greeted me first. I had been watching him since I came out of a class in the Cinematography Department at the Lembaga Pendidikan Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Institute) at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM). Danarto was a lecturer in the Fine Arts … [Read more...]

The Midnight Intruder

The gaunt old man wore a sarong and a peci, headdress. He entered Aryo’s front yard in the late afternoon rain, limping. It was just past afternoon prayer, and the old man seemed anxious, as if he were trying to hide his nervousness. Even though they were not acquainted with each other, he expected … [Read more...]

The Tale of the Bearded Turtle

A long time ago, when time was still determined by many people and ships relied on shining stars and ancient astronomy, and pirates were the Sultan’s main enemy, there lived a storyteller who relied on lies. When crosswinds controlled the sea, the harbor was crowded with sailors who waited for the … [Read more...]

Life in Technicolor

The man had stopped in front of you and let the reach of the rainbow be a trail. You slapped him in the face with the Holy Spirit before placing a stream in such a way to ensure his heart remain on its chosen path. His right shoe was ripped, toes exposed. Take note, on those shaken toes would settle … [Read more...]

A Great Day for Mrs. Wagu

No one understood Mrs. Wagu better than her dogs. Nor was there anyone more loyal to her. She had started to look after dogs when her husband had died and her children had left home. The dogs were called Chocolate, Coffee, Milk and Black Tea. “Oh, it's good to hear, Mum. It's better than being … [Read more...]