The Plot to Kill The Muezzin

Works in Translation

Feby Indirani, translated by Marjie Suanda
Published Oct 01, 2018

Originally published in Detik Hot, Jul 15, 2017 as Rencana Pembunuhan Sang Muazin.

I’m not an expert in plotting murder, but I believe there is nothing we can’t learn if we set our mind to it. And my mind is made up. After thinking it through, I have come to the conclusion that this murder might be the greatest contribution I could make for myself and my community, although I have only been a part of this neighborhood for the past four months.

I’m already familiar with my target’s daily habits, an obvious advantage from the standpoint of a murder plan. His small, cramped house is located behind the musholla (prayer hall). He usually comes to the musholla in time for the ashar (afternoon) prayers. As the sun sets and the time comes for maghrib (dusk) prayers, he will give the call to prayer in the melody that I’ve also become painfully familiar with. Occasionally he will lead the congregation in prayers, but more often he will defer to any ustadz or religious teacher who happens to be there.

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