Indonesian writer Ayu Utami: ‘Love is still the name of the game’

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About Ayu Utami,
Written by Gie Goris, and was originally published in Mondiaal Nieuws,
Aug 02, 2012

She turned down a career as a model because she didn’t like make-up. She lost her job as a journalist because she refused to back down in face of the censorship of the Suharto military regime. But as an author, she’s the most succesful writer of her generation in Indonesia. Ayu Utami on freedom, monotheism and the expiration date of extramarital relationships.

It’s a pity, says Ayu Utami, that Dutch has been lost in Indonesia. She’s saying this whilst once again looking for the proper word in English to express her ideas. It’s a universal shame that people, including those who possess a rich vocabulary and a wide array of meaning in their native tongue, are forced to speak with easy concepts and seven words sentences in global English. Still Utami manages to nuance her controversial views perfectly.

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