Obituary of Joesoef Isak

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About Joesoef Isak,
Written by Carmel Budiardjo, and was originally published in TAPOL,
Aug 28, 2009

The death earlier this month of one of the most courageous opponents of Suharto’s three decades long authoritarian regime provides an opportunity to recognise the ability of one man to wage open defiance, despite the terrible personal risks involved during many dark years in Indonesia before the fall of Suharto.

Joesoef Isak, died on 15 August at the age of 81, having been suffering from respiratory problems for many years, along with a weak heart.

To those of us who lived in Indonesia during Suharto’s so-called New Order, we perhaps remember him most vividly for the courageous activities of his publishing house, Hasta Mitra, which was responsible for publishing the books of Indonesia’s foremost novelist, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, even though they were banned.

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