RA Kosasih, The Indonesia’s Comic Godfather

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In this article: Kosasih, R. A.,
Written by Donny Anggoro, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
May 24, 2011

Raden Ahmad Kosasih or better known as RA Kosasih born in Bondongan the village, Bogor on April 3, 1919. He is the youngest of seven siblings. Raden Wiradikusuma, his father was a merchant from Purwakarta and Sumarni while his mother came from Bogor. His love of the comic has been nurtured since the first grade Inlands School (elementary level) in Bogor. Kosasih first known comics from the newspapers used wrapping paper grocery mother. Formerly he was fond of Tarzan comic strip, though the story did not read sequentially. Another of his hobby is watching movies in theaters and puppet show performances that lasted all night. Learn to draw interest in continuing education when he appeared at Hollands Inlands School (HIS) Pasundan in 1932. He learned from the many to imitate the pictures from illustrated books Dutch language lessons.

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