Dicky Senda


He was born in Mollo Utara, Timor Tengah Selatan (Dec 22, 1986), and currently lives in Kupang

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Christian Dicky Senda, wrote a book of poetry, Cerah Hati (2011) and a collection of short stories Kanuku Leon (2013). He is an active member of Komunitas Sastra Dusun Flobamora Kupang and participates in holding several monthly literary activities such as Babasa (Babaca Baomong Sastra), Sastra Masuk Sekolah (SMS), and literary discussions. Since 2012, along with his friends in Flobamora village, he published Santarang literary journal (Sabana Lontar Karang). He is working as an education councelor in Kupang. Meanwhile, he has a project named #KanukuLeon, with mainly activities to distribute literary books that was written by NTT people to every reading park in Flores, Sumba, Timor, and Alor.


Sai Rai
Collection of Short Stories
160 page(s), Grasindo

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