Dina Oktaviani


She was born in Tanjungkarang (Oct 11, 1984), and currently lives in Yogyakarta

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Dina used to dream about being a spy. Today, the mother of a 3-year-old boy has written poems and short stories for various publications, and published two books, Como Un Sue*o (anthology of short stories, Orakel, 2005), and Biografi Kehilangan (A Biography of Losses, anthology of poems, Insist Press, 2006). Her piece of poetry Hantu-hantu Tanjungkarang (The Ghosts of Tanjungkarang) was recently included in 100 Puisi Indonesia Terbaik 2008 (100 Best Indonesian Poems 2008, Gramedia Pustaka Utama).1

Additionally she has translated books from spanish and english into bahasa indonesia. Having dropped out of university while studying french some years ago, she has now returned to study psychology, a subject close to her heart. Broken Heart Walking is her latest collection of poems.

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Hati Yang Patah Berjalan
(Broken Heart Walking)
Poetry Collection
146 page(s), Oktaviani Publishing

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