Innosanto Nagara

Writer / See Roots

He was born in Jakarta (Jul 27, 1970), and currently lives in Oakland

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Innosanto Nagara is the son of Indonesian actor/sastrawan Ikranagara. He was born and raised in Jakarta, graduating from SMA 81/Labschool Rawamangun in 1988. The then moved to the United States to study zoology, ended up working as a graphic designer instead, founded a graphic design for social change collective–and now writes and illustrates children’s books as well.

A is for Activist was Inno’s first book. It has now been adapted into Spanish by Martha Gonzalez, and translated into Swedish. Following the success of A is for Activist, Inno wrote and illustrated a follow-up board book, Counting on Community (2015). His third book, My Night in the Planetarium, is a picture book about “the art of resistance”.


A is for Activist
32 page(s), Triangle Square

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