Kestity Pringgoharjono


She was born in Jakarta (Feb 10, 1974), and currently lives in Jakarta
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Kesty was born to Minangkabau-Javanese parents, and is the eldest of three siblings. She happened to enjoy looking at various old-arty objects, although it would be years later that her curiosity bloomed into an infatuation for issues of cultural heritage.

Kesty later pursued economics at the University of Indonesia and the University of Mc Quirie in Australia, and began working as a banker. After working for some years in banking, her family — her husband and two children — moved to Singapore in 2000. In the city-state, her love for arts and culture gathered momentum as Singapore began to develop its arts infrastructure, including many museums and arts centers.

In 2006, she launched Serat Centhini: A Javanese View on Journey Through Life at the Asia House where she got acquainted with Betty Yao, the program director.1

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