Nukila Amal


She was born in Ternate (Dec 26, 1971), and currently lives in Jakarta
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Reading books was encouraged in her family, and she credits some of her writing genes to her father, a judge who wrote law articles and later became a historian who wrote books on the history of North Maluku. She studied at the Bandung Tourism College, and worked in the hotel and financial sectors before taking up writing in 1997. Her favorite authors include James Joyce, Pirandello, and Umberto Eco.1

Nukila Amal received agreat deal of attention from the world of Indonesian literature when she published her novel, Cala Ibi (2003), which later became one of the top five for the Khatulistiwa Literary Award. Her collection of short stories, Laluba (2005), was awarded the Best Literary Work by Tempo magazine. Nukila was also awarded the Best Short Story by Kompas 2008 for her short story, “Smokol”. Her latest work is a children’s book titled Mirah Mini: Hidupmu, Keajaibanmu (Mirah Mini: Your Life, Your Miracle, 2013).

In 2006 Nukila was invited to participate in the Iowa International Writing Program in the United States. She has served as a member of the Literary Committee of the Jakarta Arts Council and has translated a number of poems.2

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Smokol: Cerpen Kompas Pilihan 2008
Collection of Short Stories
169 page(s), Penerbit Buku Kompas
Collection of Short Stories
166 page(s), Pustaka Alvabet
Cala Ibi
271 page(s), Pena Gaia Klasik

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