Wilson Tjandinegara


He was born in Makassar (Dec 20, 1946), and died in Jakarta (Feb 13, 2017)

Wilson Tjandinegara, though no longer young, is indeed a newcomer to Indonesia’s literary world. He became known only in 1997 when he began to actively take part in the Indonesian Literary Community (KSI), an organization that brings together Indonesian writers. Wilson joined the KSI in 1996, the year it was founded.

Although he was the oldest among KSI members, he learned how to write poetry from younger poets who had made a name for themselves earlier. After deciding to quit his business, Wilson took part in various discussions in cultural pockets in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bogor.

Wilson was born to a poor ethnic Chinese family in Makassar on Dec. 20, 1946. As his father was just a tailor, Wilson had to work hard. At age 12, he had to work after school to help augment the family income. In his youth, he started a bookstore and a book rental shop in Makassar. Books by Chairil Anwar made the greatest impression on him.1

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