Zaky Yamani


He was born in Bandung (Jul 27, 1978), and currently lives in Bandung

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His first novel Bandar: Keluarga, Darah, dan Dosa yang Diwariskan (Bandar: Family, Blood and the Inherited Sin) was published in 2014. It took 10 years for Zaky to elaborate and write his ideas about historical conflict within a family in an emerging urban society. The story is also possible to be read as a metaphore of Indonesia as a nation with its political turbulances and bloodsheds since the day of the declaration of independence to the day of current generation.

Before Bandar Zaky has published three books independently. In 2011 he published his collection of short stories Johnny Mushroom dan Cerita Lainnya (Johnny Mushroom and Other Stories). In 2012 he published his investigative report about scandal in water management in Bandung city in a book titled Kehausan di Ladang Air (Thirst on the Water Field). Then in 2013 he published a collection of his journalistic works in a book titled Komedi Sepahit Kopi (The Coffee-bitter Comedy).

Currently he lives in Bandung with his wife and a daughter, and works as an editor in Pikiran Rakyat newspaper.


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