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Cala Ibi

The Original Dream

For Maya, history is like a dream, and her dreams are like a history of her life and how it relates to others. Effortlessly defying and calling into question time and space, Maya inhabits fantastical realities filled with shamans, romantic longing, a daughter’s struggles, and a flying … [Read more...]

Excerpts from the Novel Cala Ibi

Caba Ibi tells the story of Maya, a woman whose well-planned life is suddenly upset by her dreams of a mysterious woman by the name of Maia. This Maia invites the dreamer to experience things she had never imagined before. The author’s control in her use of language is remarkable. … [Read more...]

Cala Ibi

The seemingly perfect life of Jakarta urbanite Maya begins to crumble when she mysteriously meets in her dreams another woman named Maia, her doppelganger, who lives in Ternate, the farthest of the North Moluccan islands. In her dreams Maya embarks on a journey to the remote island with a dragon, … [Read more...]