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To Wear, to Wander, and to Write: Women’s Subjectivity and the Jilbab in Asma Nadia’s Jilbab Traveler

Since the last decade, travelogues written by Muslim women that discuss religiously motivated journeys have constituted a significant portion of contemporary Indonesian literature. Apart from conveying information about distant worlds, they predominantly reflect the subjectivity of their authors. … [Read more...]

Towards a Morphology of Critique: An Attempt to Classify Approaches to Literary Criticism

This study examines the possibility of classifying approaches to literary criticism so that each critical position can be mapped to other critical positions. This article is not an application of a literary criticism approach to reading a particular literary work but an attempt to map the … [Read more...]

Translation, Memory, and Ongoing Coloniality: Reading Gentayangan for a More Worldly Dutch Studies

Responding to De postkoloniale spiegel and De nieuwe koloniale leeslijst, this article exposes how few Indonesian voices are heard in conversations on colonial history in the Netherlands today. Representations of the Dutch East Indies as colony prevail over conceptions of Indonesia as independent … [Read more...]

“The pained and silent song of a branch”: Ecological precarity in the poetry of Taufiq Ismail and Khairani Barokka

This article aims to illuminate how Indonesian poets Taufiq Ismail and Khairani Barokka narrativize late-20th- and early-21st-century ecolo- gical precarity, including urgent issues of deforestation, pollution, biodiversity loss, and Indigenous dispossession. Ismail set the ecocri- tical agenda in … [Read more...]

Masculine Language in Indonesian Novels: A Feminist Stylistic Approach on Belenggu and Pengakuan Pariyem

Belenggu is a novel written by Armijn Pane in 1938, whereas Pengakuan Pariyem is a lyrical novel written by Linus Suryadi AG that published in 1980. Both are interested to be analyzed from linguistic aspects, especially in relation to gender dan patriarchal issues. In this case, the proper approach … [Read more...]