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Right Where They Have Always Been

Why aren’t the literary scenes of Southeast Asia getting more regional and global traction? Try as international book publishers might, Southeast Asia’s literary scenes cannot easily be distilled to a marketable essence – or bound together. Take the S.E.A. Write Award, for example, a prestigious … [Read more...]

Children’s Literature in Indonesia: A Blend of Cultures and Styles

At the recent IBBY Congress in Athens, author Murti Bunanta and illustrator Maria Christania Winardi, both from Indonesia, gave a fascinating presentation “Western and Eastern cultural blend in the past and current Indonesian children’s literature”: They gave an outline history of children’s … [Read more...]

How’s Indonesian poetry today?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “poetry”? For some, it might be famous poets like Chairil Anwar, Sapardi Djoko Damono, or even Rupi Kaur. Others might think of works such as "Aku" by Chairil Anwar which still occasionally returns to the spotlight in this modern … [Read more...]

Indonesian book giant turns to tech to fight piracy

Indonesian conglomerate Kompas Gramedia's book publishing unit is optimistic that blockchain technology can help it fight persistent online content piracy, as it also works to overcome challenges including lifting reading levels and reducing regional pricing discrepancies in the sprawling island … [Read more...]

Wasafiri at Large: Indonesian Writers and Mental Health

In its inaugural year, Wasafiri was joined by five Editors at Large based in Southeast Asia and Aotearoa New Zealand. As part of our Wasafiri at Large series, each Editor at Large has shed a valuable light on their local literary scene. Sebastian Partogi, our former Editor at Large – based in … [Read more...]