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Manifestations of Water

Syam, unlike his name, which means the sun in Arabic, is not a sun person. He’s the antithesis of light and all things bright. In a painting, for example, he’s not the figure in the center ablaze with light standing heroically, hands on hips, but rather a silhouette, shrouded in black, leaning in a … [Read more...]

from Quieter Than a Whisper

At last, I am writing to you once more. There’s been a big problem, a real consequence of Saliman’s actions. If Baron had never met him, our family might still be intact right now. But I’ll tell you more about this story later. You were quite aware that Baron and I were trying to have a child. … [Read more...]

A Young Poet’s Guide to Surviving a Broken Heart

“In short, all a young poet needs in order to survive a broken heart is: (1) one button-down shirt or dress, scintillating; (2) one sheet of tissue, premium; (3) a pair of running shoes, soles intact; (4) one novel by a writer with an intimidatingly long name; (5) one empty cardboard instant-noodle … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Department of Unanswered Prayers

Welcome to the Department of Unanswered Prayers! Here’s your ID. When it’s time to go home, put your badge in your bag and leave the bag in your car. Rather than tossing it in some drawer, I mean, or chucking it somewhere inside your room. Don’t worry. No one will steal it. And don’t forget to bring … [Read more...]

The Plot to Kill The Muezzin

I’m not an expert in plotting murder, but I believe there is nothing we can’t learn if we set our mind to it. And my mind is made up. After thinking it through, I have come to the conclusion that this murder might be the greatest contribution I could make for myself and my community, although I have … [Read more...]