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Netflix drama ‘Cigarette Girl’ highlights Indonesian IP adaptation

Country's trove of literary creativity offers business potential for publishers. Netflix's release of "Gadis Kretek," or "Cigarette Girl" -- the global streaming giant's TV series set in Indonesia -- has drawn viewers from outside the country while highlighting its progress in intellectual … [Read more...]

Accountability, Liminality, and (Mis)Representations in Translation: Khairani Barokka Interviews Tiffany Tsao

Khairani Barokka, author and former editor of Modern Poetry in Translation, corresponded with Tiffany Tsao, fiction writer and translator of Indonesian literature, for Wasafiri 116: Shorelines: South East Asia and the Littoral, our winter special issue co-guest edited by Nazry Bahrawi, Joanne Leow, … [Read more...]

‘Narasi Mematikan’: Undoing a deadly narrative

With a series of books and award-winning films behind him, Noor Huda Ismail is a respected academic in the study of terrorism in Indonesia. He also founded the Yayasan Prasasti Perdamaian, a foundation dedicated to the deradicalization of former terrorists through livelihood support, coaching and … [Read more...]

Indonesian novel 24 Hours With Gaspar melds detective fiction and sci-fi

A blend of detective fiction and science fiction, 24 Hours With Gaspar reads like an Indonesian pulp fiction novel. The bulk of Indonesian writer Sabda Armandio’s slim novel follows the indecipherable and aloof Gaspar as he counts down 24 hours before he robs a jewellery store. He is looking, in … [Read more...]

Birth Canal

The Jakarta sky “had a rosy nuance that somehow seemed both warm and sad, like a freshly slapped cheek” the day a stranger, a photographer, told Nastiti that she was incredibly beautiful and took her picture. She enjoys a moment of glamour when the photo appears in a trendy exhibition and in a … [Read more...]