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January 10, 2021

New Year, New Logo

IDWRITERS gets a new logo—reclaim its mission through a new look, tone, and feel. We’re making our logo the two-tone black-and-red design; aimings get new passion and authority: cleaner, simpler, and more professional. That redundant ...

August 4, 2018

Women in Translation Month

Introducing a dedicated page to celebrate Women in Translation Month (WITMonth), an event to raise awareness of books by women that have been translated into English. Women in translation must exist yearlong, but in August ...

June 28, 2018

Here, There (and Everywhere)

“… years ago, when I was involved in a literary festival, I am having trouble finding the full author information (in English). Probably, it’s there. But it’s hard to find. If only there’s a single ...

May 4, 2018

May the 4th Be With Us!

On March 7, —it’s hard to believe almost two months have gone by since then—we announced that we would stop our service immediately in April, both in social media and web services. Unfortunately, the heartbreaking ...

March 7, 2018


A tough message to share today (or the saddest thing to have to say?) After almost four years of “social service“,—published as a non-for-profit and a self-funded project since June 2014—between timing, funding, and everything ...