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Short Story

A Dog-headed Man

The dog was just an ordinary pet, belonging to a man who was studying witchcraft. The pinnacle of the attainment of witchcraft is immortality. However, every study complement always requires an examination, so that his achievements are recognized. So, one sacred night, he slit his pet dog’s throat. … [Read more...]

Buried Stories

My hometown is like a wellspring of tales. Not happy ending stories like being celebrated by famous writers in your city, but a pile of unpublished frequent tragic stories, even though I’ve devoted my entire life to write them. Will you teach me to write?  I was really provoked to write, even if … [Read more...]

Letter in a used milk can

Hello, When you receive this letter, which I stored in a used milk can, please hand it to the one it is intended for, my mother. Of course, I know I shouldn’t really throw used milk cans into the ocean. Maybe sometime later, you can come by my house – I wrote the address on the back of the can – … [Read more...]


18 December, 2038 CASE HISTORY Identifying Information: NN, 19 year old man of Australian-Caucasian ethnicity, is one of the early-generation clones, a perfectly identical copy of his deceased brother (also bore the same name), who died in 2018 at the age of 20 due to an incurable heart defect. … [Read more...]

Churning Waters

jakarta is silent like no other – the ghost of honking cars and scorching heat haunting its horizon, as if the city is saying: it was not supposed to be like this. the water crashing against skyscrapers and concrete isn't a welcome soundscape. wulandari steps out of the paraheli with a grace … [Read more...]