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If Only

If Only is a memoir of a nine year old Chinese Indonesian girl growing up in Jakarta in the 1950–60’s. She lost her mother who dies after the sixth attempt to bear a son. If she were a boy, her mother would still be alive. This accusation has tormented her all her life. When her cousin physically … [Read more...]

Six Days. Re-loving a Broken Heart

Have you ever experienced a broken heart that really stopped you from living? In this inspiring memoir about moving on after a shattering separation, Tita Alissa Bach invites the reader on an encouraging journey, sharing her personal quest for healing and uncovering the forgotten secret on how to … [Read more...]

Romantisme Tahun Kekerasan

Martin Aleida’s book Romantisme Tahun Kekerasan (Sebuah Memoar) (Romanticism of the Year of Violence (A Memoir)) is an excellent portrayal of the victims of Indonesia’s baseless accusations against the Left on September 30, 1965 and of the kind of life they lived afterwards. Martin Aleida, who is … [Read more...]

Buru Island

Buru Island was the site of Indonesia’s most remote and infamous  prison camp. In the wake of the 1965 repression of the political Left, between  1969 and 1979, approximately 12,000 men were held on Buru without formal charge  or trial. During their detention prisoners suffered torture, forced … [Read more...]

Student Soldiers; A Memoir of the Battle that Sparked Indonesia’s National Revolution

Hario Kecik’s diary is without peer in Indonesian literature as a portrait of talented and brave young revolutionaries during the first days of the Republic which followed a brutal Japanese occupation and finally led to the November 1945 Battle for Surabaya, the longest, bloodiest and most decisive … [Read more...]