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Sisi Liar

Dio can't rest for too long after completing his first mission. A new mission has come. This time, he has to investigate an illegal logging syndicate that has long been damaging the forests of Indonesia. For uncovering the case, he needs to travel, starting from the depths of the Kalimantan forest … [Read more...]

Tango & Sadimin

What is fate? A decision you make to extend your life, which, when forgotten, transforms into an iron necklace hanging the remainder of your life. The Cimanduy River is always damp, shrouded in dark mist and surrounded by a thicket of large trees along its banks. The calm current holds sand that … [Read more...]

Love, Lies and Indomee

Independent career woman Ratu needs a boyfriend—now. She can’t stand her mother’s nagging, and she’d rather die than be forced into an arranged marriage. Taking matters into her own hands, she trawls the internet in hopes of finding her dream man: tall, slim and look like a model. So when she meets … [Read more...]

Jejak Balak

Dima Sawitri's first assignment as a journalist in Kaba Jorong led her to a case involving the deaths of two illegal loggers. The police suspected that the two loggers died from fatal tiger attacks. However, as Dima investigated the case with Timur, her colleague, the number of casualties … [Read more...]

Mustika Zakar Celeng

"Can't you endure a little longer, Kang? At least once in my life, I want to feel satisfied," Nurlela's astonishing confession left Tobor shattered. Their eleven-year marriage was on the brink of dissolution due to issues in their intimate relationship. Nurlela was burdened by various regrets, while … [Read more...]