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‘She Wanted to be a Beauty Queen’: George Quinn raises Javanese stories

Australian professor George Quinn translated an anthology of Javanese short stories to help introduce Javanese literature to a wider audience. On a strikingly sunny day in the Lontar Foundation office in Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta, author George Quinn proudly displayed the Javanese woman on … [Read more...]

2023: Celebrating the Chapters

  … [Read more...]

The Unfamiliar But Fascinating Literature of ASEAN

In Korea, the literature of ASEAN is relatively unknown. One reason for this is because it isn’t readily accessible. In large bookstores in Korea, Southeast Asian literature is categorized under “Fiction from Other Countries” or “World Literature from Other Countries”, and in libraries, it’s … [Read more...]

Birth Canal

The Jakarta sky “had a rosy nuance that somehow seemed both warm and sad, like a freshly slapped cheek” the day a stranger, a photographer, told Nastiti that she was incredibly beautiful and took her picture. She enjoys a moment of glamour when the photo appears in a trendy exhibition and in a … [Read more...]

Why Eka Kurniawan’s translated short stories in Filipino are essential reading

In Kate Briggs’ wonderful book on translation “This Little Art,” she makes a case for the importance of translating books, or even translating in general: “We need translations, urgently: it is through translation that we are able to reach the literatures written in the languages we don’t or can’t … [Read more...]