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The (Im)persistence of Memory: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror 2021

New works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror untangle the often-fragile links between recollection and identity. Reset Sarina Dahlan. Blackstone, June In what PW called an “immersive debut,” Aris, a scientist, lives in a postapocalyptic society that mandates memory wipes every four years … [Read more...]

A Clear Dawn: The voices breaking into New Zealand literature

“Like writing, identity is an ongoing act of discovery. So is reading.” The words that open the new anthology A Clear Dawn: New Asian Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand are a promise for the rest of the book, the first-ever anthology of Asian-New Zealand writing. “I think, you know, the name of the … [Read more...]

Child-free and happy: A group for Indonesians without kids – by choice

Many Indonesian women consider getting pregnant a blessing – a miracle, even. But for Maya, a 32-year-old linguist, it would be more like a curse. Maya, who lives in Singapore and asked to be identified only by her nickname, worries that her family will discover her choice to remain childless if … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s Years of Violence

Indonesian writer Martin Aleida lived and wrote through a dark chapter of Indonesia’s history. His new memoir, "Romanticism in the Years of Violence", sheds new light on the oppression and stigma faced by journalists in Indonesia in the 1960s. … [Read more...]

Asian women writers gain a wider audience thanks to translations of their work crowdfunded by a British publisher

A publisher’s first Kickstarter campaign to showcase the works of Tamil, Korean, Nepalese and Vietnamese poets was so successful, it’s back for a second round ‘The more visible and the more heard the voices of diverse individuals and communities, the more inclusive and fairer our society will … [Read more...]