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The rise of South Coast Queen Nyi Roro Kidul in the Australian Mystery Short Story Anthology

In the short story collection titled This Fresh Hell, published by Clan Destine Press, there is a story involving the character Nyi Roro Kidul, who according to stories from the regions of Java and Sunda, lives in the southern sea area. Recently, adventure stories involving a legendary figure … [Read more...]

Q & A with Jesse Q. Sutanto

Jesse Q. Sutanto explores themes of misogyny in the gaming community and beyond in her new YA novel, Didn’t See That Coming, her second work set in Indonesia. Seventeen-year-old Kiki Siregar plays her favorite virtual game using the handle DudeBro10 and has persuaded fellow players that she’s a … [Read more...]

Michelle Kadarusman’s middle-grade novel Berani is an inspiring introduction to environmental activism

'I'd really like to impart to my readers in the middle grade to believe that you can make a difference.' Michelle Kadarusman says writing for middle-grade is where she has found her voice. The Canadian Australian Indonesian author's novels have a compelling way of unraveling complex world issues … [Read more...]

Indonesian-Chinese who grew up ‘out-of-wedlock’ in Suharto era relive ‘trauma’ through new book

Thousands of Indonesian-Chinese children born in the 1970s to 1980s were classified as ‘out-of-wedlock’ at a time when Chinese identity was suppressed A new book about the stateless Indonesian-Chinese has resonated with readers of the ethnic group who grew up during President Suharto’s rule It … [Read more...]

7 Questions for Norman Erikson Pasaribu

Q The Booker Prize website has this wonderful line on its page about your collection: “Powerful blend of science fiction, absurdism and alternative-historical realism that aims to destabilise the heteronormative world and expose its underlying rot.” Reading these stories, I see the evidence of … [Read more...]