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A compilation of every mention of Indonesian writers, written on English/foreign-language media. See also What Media Say.

Bumi Langit [R]evolusi: Bringing back local superheroes

Aug 21, 2017 /
Out of the 500 characters, eight characters have been chosen by Bumilangit for Bumi Langit [R]evolusi. They are Sri Asih created by RA Kosasih, Si Buta by Ganes TH, Mandala by Mansyur Daman, Virgo by Jan Mintaraga, Gundala and Maza by Harya Suraminata and Godam and Aquanus by Wid NS. Bumilangit assigned the remake version of the Si Buta story to writer Oyasujiwo, who won the Komikasia Award 2005 and Kosasih Award 2007, and illustrator Iwan Nazif, who had a hand in DreamWorks’s comic series How to Train Your Dragon.

Indonesia International Book Fair to return in September

Aug 20, 2017 / Jakarta Post
18 SHARES Indonesia International Book Fair (IIBF) is set to return on Sept. 6-10 at the Assembly Hall of the Jakarta Convention Center. Initiated by Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI), the event is targeting to feature 20 participating countries.

Asean Literary Festival celebrates art, free speech and 50 years of regional cooperation

Aug 07, 2017 / Asian Correspondent by Max Walden
"FOR 50 YEARS, Asean was no more than a slogan and a series of meetings of elites. If we want to be a real community, we have to work at the grassroots level," said Indonesian novelist Okky Madasari on Monday. The Asean Literary Festival (ALF), which was held from Aug 3 to 6 – the same weekend as the region’s top annual security forum – brought together writers from more than 30 nations, celebrated freedom of speech and the rich literary traditions of Southeast Asia.

Rights Interest Rising: Indonesian Publishers on International Trade

Jul 20, 2017 / Publishing Perspectives by Porter Anderson
One of the most sustained efforts on the international scene in publishing today is that of the Indonesian market. Praised for its colorful program as Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honor in 2015, the culture’s literary industry today faces several challenges—with spirit and patience. In early September, the Indonesian International Book Fair in Jakarta will again feature a special Indonesia Rights Fair at which publishers, literary agents, and rights holders can meet and make rights transactions. In 2016, a group of some 25 publishers participated in the rights program. And Publishing Perspectives has had the input of several engaged players on the ground there in our effort to understand the market and its rights-trading status today.

The long life of short stories

Jun 17, 2017 / Jakarta Post by Tertiani ZB Simanjuntak
Kompas, one of the oldest national dailies, serves as the antithesis of digital media domination by having published short stories in its Sunday edition since day one in 1965. The newspaper has archived 2,214 short stories so far and it has been a breeding ground for now famous writers and illustrators. It is still considered a prestigious destination for beginners sending in their work.

50 years on: Indonesia to host Asean literary festival in August

Jun 08, 2017 / Asian Correspondent by Max Walden
INDONESIA’s capital Jakarta will again host the fourth annual Asean Literary Festival (ALF) in August 2017 as the regional Southeast Asian bloc celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Now in its fourth year, to promote freedom of expression and discuss contentious issues in a region that is increasingly authoritarian.

A tale of two Sulawesi writers: Talent vs hard work

Jun 05, 2017 / Jakarta Post by Andi Hajramurni
Faisal Oddang and Erni Aladjai: their paths to national fame could not have been more different. But one thing that links them is the Makassar International Writers Festival, an annual event on the national literary calendar that seeks to give writers from eastern Indonesia the chance to break into the nation’s publishing world, which is still dominated by writers from Sumatra, Java and Bali.

The literary light from the east

May 29, 2017 / Jakarta Post by Andi Hajramurni
MIWF 2017, held from May 17 to 20, once again sought to promote writers from the eastern part of Indonesia to break the grip of western Indonesian writers on the nation’s publishing industry.

Makassar Writers Festival aims to unite in diversity

May 17, 2017 / Jakarta Post by Andi Hajramurni
Domestic and foreign writers gathering at the 2017 Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) hope to ease sectarian tension across Indonesia via seminars, exhibitions and writing workshops held at the Fort Rotterdam from Tuesday to Saturday. The annual festival has been organized by Rumata' Artspace since 2011 to promote contemporary literature as well as reading and writing habits. This year, it has adopted “diversity” as its theme. “Differences are common in Indonesia. But let’s just unite, ease the tension by enjoying this literacy party,” Rumata' Artspace director Lily Yulianti Farid said.

Alumni of Iowa’s famous international writers program hold Manila reunion

May 15, 2017 / by Brylle B. Tabora
The 2016 IWP alumni from different countries shared with the audience their experiences in getting their works out in their respective homelands. Other visiting writers were Vladimir Poleganov (Bulgaria); Tse Hao Guang (Singapore); Zhou Jianing (China); Yusi Avianto Pareanom (Indonesia); Lee Chae Won (South Korea); Alice Yousef (Palestinian Territories); and Ukamaka Olisakwe (Nigeria). Also part of the conference were IWP Philippine alumni Susan S. Lara, Ian Rosales Casocot, Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta, Sarge Lacuesta, Reuel Aguila and Mark Angeles.