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‘The Architecture of Love’ Review: A Simple Meet-Cute Story in New York

If you are looking for some romantic movies to watch, try “The Architecture of Love” -- the latest film by Indonesian filmmaker Teddy Soeriaatmadja. The movie bases its story on the romance novel of the same name by author Ika Natassa. Personally, I have not read the book, thus I cannot comment … [Read more...]

Exploring Indonesian History and Society through Novels: Reads by Indonesian Authors

Indonesia, a country known for its natural landscapes and diverse ethnic groups, is also home to a thriving literary scene. As Indonesia commemorates its 78th Independence Day on 17th August, it is timely to look at a small slice of the rich literary heritage of this vast archipelago, by exploring … [Read more...]

5 Indonesian Writers You Should be Reading

All eyes are trained on Indonesia right now. Its tourism is flourishing more than ever; foreigners from the West are flooding there to work and live cheaply and healthily (for better or worse), and its art scene is finally being celebrated the world over. Some of the biggest names in poetry, … [Read more...]

Traces Of Sastrawi And Musical Traces Of The Late Yudhistira Massardi

Indonesia has just lost a figure who has contributed to the world of art and literature. He is Yudhistira Massardi who passed away at the age of 70. His figure is known as a writer, journalist, and writer. Throughout his life, Iga Massardi's father has released several works in the form of books, … [Read more...]

Translating Indonesia’s On-the-Ground Realities: An Interview with John McGlynn

[I]f Indonesia were to ever gain a foothold on the international literary stage, something had to change. The Lontar Foundation was launched in 1987 to raise the profile of Indonesian literature worldwide, initially intending to translate Indonesian fiction into English for publishers. Largely … [Read more...]