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First Edition

Kerang Memanggil Angin

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Tembang dan Perang

Panji’s Quest is a love story set before the reign of King Kameswara of Kadiri (r. 1135–1185). It is a part of the only original Indonesian stories that have been widely disseminated for centuries and were later combined into the Panji Tales. On October 30, 2017, UNESCO included The Tale of Panji in … [Read more...]

Pengantin-pengantin Loki Tua

Readers of "Raden Mandasia Si Pencuri Daging Sapi" come across Loki Tua through the narrative of Sungu Lembu: where he comes from and how he endured over ten years in Sifar. However, there is a long and winding journey before this cook meets the two young princes. He has been dragged into civil … [Read more...]

Mimi Lemon

For many, life can be this long journey, where one moment of joy is not the end. There will be sadness, pain, loss, and moments of despair that follow. Yet, that sadness is not the end either; happiness will come, or at least that's what we strive for. And in between, in the darkest moments, we … [Read more...]

Narasi Mematikan: Pendanaan Teror di Indonesia

The dynamics of terrorism in Indonesia are deeply intertwined with various factors that enable terrorist groups and actors to persist. At different phases and incidents, they camouflage themselves so effectively that they appear indistinct among the general population. Distinguishing their … [Read more...]