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First Edition

This Fresh Hell

A driver picks up a hitchhiker from the side of a road; a family moves in to a house that may be haunted; a visit to the cabin in the woods goes terribly wrong… We all know how those stories end – or do we? In This Fresh Hell, every story begins with a well-known horror trope but ends with a … [Read more...]

49 Hari: Kisah Penantang Gelombang

Aldi Novel Adilang's rompong drifted away, tossed by waves in the middle of the ocean. During that time, his life and death hung in the balance. Until the 49th day, when both the rompong and his life were saved by the Panama-flagged tanker MV Arpeggio. His life story and rescue caught the public's … [Read more...]

The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties

What should have been a family celebration of Chinese New Year descends into chaos when longtime foes crash the party in this hilariously entertaining novel by Jesse Q. Sutanto, bestselling author of Dial A for Aunties. After an ultra-romantic honeymoon across Europe, Meddy Chan and her husband … [Read more...]

The Architecture of Love

New York might be at the top of the list of cities most frequently used as settings for stories or films. In several Hollywood films, from Nora Ephron's You've Got Mail to Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, New York isn't just a setting but appears as a "character" that brings the story to life. To … [Read more...]


When she found out her babies were a boy and a girl, she decided to only raise the boy. She, who was marginalized because she was born with a gender less favored by society, immediately exchanged a set of baby girls—still connected to the fresh red placenta disc with a white pearl-like umbilical … [Read more...]