A Conspiracy of God-Killers

Book / Collection of Short Stories

by Triyanto Triwikromo

Format: Paperback, English
226 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786029144437
Published Jan 01, 2015 by Lontar Foundation

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Twenty-two stories by this noted Central Java-based writer and poet in his first collection in English, with their continent- and time-spanning backdrops of history and imagination. Stories populated by bereaved cops, heartless assassins, sainted heroes and mad saviours, dissolute poets, disgusted butchers and weary warriors, and children—above all, children. Children who have seen far too much in their still-young lives. These poetically crafted, frequently disturbing stories are leavened with sardonic wit, more than a touch of the absurd and outright bizarre in a world gone mad, and all solidly grounded on Triyanto Triwikromo’s own uniquely expressed moral clarity.
A Conspiracy of God-Killers is not itself the title of any of the short stories in this collection but derives from a suggestion by Triyanto himself, and embodies a dominant theme throughout most of these stories, that organized violence and persecution of the vulnerable amounts to a conspiracy against God.

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