A Shooting Star & Other Stories

Book / Collection of Short Stories

by Iksaka Banu
Author: Tjandra Kerton

Format: Paperback, English
142 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /978-602-9144-93-2
Published Oct 05, 2015 by BTW Books

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A Shooting Star & Other Stories: A trilingual edition in English, German and Indonesian.

History fascinates in the hands of Iksaka Banu. The stories in this collection feature
well-crafted characters acting at key moments in Indonesia’s colonial past.
Indonesia’s history has frequently been told through Western eyes. Now, Iksaka
Banu reclaims the past and makes it come alive for today’s readers.

Iksaka Banu’s historical fiction is revelatory. His stories overturn the narratives that millions of Indonesians have grown up learning.
Jyothi Natarajan  Margaret Scott   in History Through Invention: Iksaka Banu’s “Farewell to Hindia” (The Margins, Jan 29, 2016)

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