Burung Terbang di Kelam Malam

Book / Novel

Bird Flies in the Dark of Night
by Arafat Nur

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786027888937
Published Jan 01, 2014 by Bentang Pustaka

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If life were a journey, Fais is a solitary wanderer walking through the crowded world. Living among societies hailing Tuan Beransyah, Fais chose his own way. He wanted to prove that their soon-to-be major who was known kind hearted and religious was actuallya figure ofhypocrisy.

As the story begins,unimaginable surprises awaited Fais at every turn.The journey revealed more truth.He then found out that everything was not as it seemed. In the meantime, Fais realized,his many encounter with women he thought he loved was eventually a journey back to his true love.

Bird Flies in the Dark of Night captures scenes from an intimate yet not ordinary social life; about dark side of politics and love. Tale of forbidden love, powerless feeling, lost, and deep sadness with a glimpse ofsatire. A winding story, told in such mesmerizing and enthralling narration.1

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