Book / Novel — Women in Translation

by Nh. Dini
Translated by Toni Pollard

Format: Paperback, English
186 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 602914409X/9786029144093
Published Dec 01, 2014 by Lontar Foundation

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As a flight attendant for the new Indonesian Airlines, Elisa is determined to establish her independence and find a place where she really belongs. With a troubled family background and almost no knowledge of her ancestors, Elisa is searching for her true identity. The search for her true father proves to be heartbreaking and Elisa grows to hope that her marriage to a handsome Javanese man she fell deeply in love with will give her a sense of belonging and stability. In this novel, Elisa learns what it means to be a young woman finding her way in the troubled early years of Indonesia’s independence.

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