Di Tubuh Tarra, dalam Rahim Pohon: Cerpen Pilihan KOMPAS 2014

Book / Anthology

Annual best short story anthology, consisting of work printed by Kompas newspaper throughout 2014. This year’s best short story anthology was given the title “Di Tubuh Tarra, dalam Rahim Pohon” (“In Tarra’s Body, In the Womb of the Tree”), named after the year’s best short story, written by Faisal Oddang.

Kompas has a short story page that runs every Sunday that publishes the works of numerous literary writers across the nation. The tradition started in 1972 to give space for writing outside the journalistic discipline.

All flaws aside I applaud Kompas for its commitment in local literature scene. This book does bring me joy for a wonderful glimpse of rich Indonesian culture, however, I do wish, in the future, Kompas’ editors will get on his desk more interesting short stories...
Ernest Wiyanto   in 2014: Not a Good Year for Indonesian Short Story Scene (Personal Blog, Dec 06, 2015)

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