Heart of the Night

Book / Novel

by Richard Oh

Format: Paperback, English
190 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9799569214/9789799569219
Published Jan 01, 2020 by Gamelan Press

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Darius was perfectly comfortable living in his world of occasional inanities. He was the unsullied king of ease and complacency. Nothing could have ruffled his existence until one fateful night when things unaccountably turned complicated. Without rhyme of reason, the women he so dearly loved left him and the one good friend he could always count on for consolation drew him into a web of bizarre events that threatened to turn his world in a tailspin.Set in Jakarta, Heart of the Night explores the themes of belonging, identity and destiny among a group of displaced Indonesians. By turn comical and poignantly incisive, Heart of the Night shuttles between the past and the present in a seamless flow and keeps its heightened tempo till the end.

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