Kritikus Adinan

Book / Collection of Short Stories

by Budi Darma

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
292 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9793062371/9789793062372
Published Jan 01, 2002 by Bentang Pustaka

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The collection has fifteen short stories mostly written in the 1970s while the rest without any timestamp.

All in all, Kritikus Adinan is a short-story collection anyone would expect from Budi Darma. The beauty of his surrealism alone is an enough reason for readers to plunge into his typical narrative of morality and conscience, even if they would like to do nothing but dismiss it. All the mostly-unnamed characters are also beautifully drawn: very flawed, with a good side that can only be seen from one narrow angle. This book is truly a masterpiece.
Ratih Dwi Astuti   in Kritikus Adinan (Personal Blog, Dec 06, 2018)

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