Mata Pena

Book / Novel

by Ayu Welirang

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
298 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786025304972
Published Mar 01, 2020 by Maneno Books

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After discovering a corpse floating at the Manggarai flood gate, Jakarta residents were enraged. The body was identified by police as Kuncoro Lukito, a finance employee of PT Lambda Prima.

The media crew was also competing to learn the truth about the incident. Horizon Aneska, a journalist for Integral magazine, and Satria Kelana, a reporter for the Lugas daily, were also at the center of the investigation.

The more the two investigate the case, the more secrets are revealed that should not be revealed. Famous people were dragged away. Starting with former media owners, moving on to well-known public relations firms and party spokespersons. What transpired? Why are so many people’s names being dragged into the investigation into Kuncoro Lukito’s death?

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