Opera Jakarta

Book / Novel

Jakarta Opera
by Titi Nginung

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
472 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786020331720
Published Jul 18, 2016 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama

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Opera Jakarta (Jakarta Opera) is the work of noted writer Arswendo Atmowiloto under the pseudonym Titi Nginung. The work was initially published as a serial in Kompas daily.

The work tells the love story of Yoko and Rum, whose relationship is encumbered by the pair’s respective families, ex-lovers and friends. The strength of the story lies in its depiction of everyday worries and sadness; the characters are common people, not the usual heroes of film and TV. The work bridges the high art of literature and the realism of popular culture, and was made into a film by Sjuman Djaya in 1985, starring Ray Sahetapy, Zoraya Perucha and Deddy Mizwar.1

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