Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut

Book / Novel

by Asef Saeful Anwar

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
188 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786237904342
Published Apr 01, 2021 by Jual Buku Sastra

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Asef as the author implores the reader to trace back the so-considered old dangdut sang by Caca Handika, Evie Tamala, Mansyur S, and Ine Sinthya. Names which be unfamiliar to our youthful ears anymore. Asef implores his readers to see the story behind it or making up another version of the story which suits to his interpretation of the songs.

Asef does not only present his stories but also tries to unveil the hidden agenda behind those old dangdut songs.
Martha Betaubun  ‪Desca Angelianawati   in Pada Sebuah Radio Dangdut: Among the Indonesian Folk Music, Dangdut Agendas, and the Fabrication of Woman Body (The Journal, Jul 10, 2022)

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