Paper Boats

Book / Novel — Women in Translation

by Dee Lestari
Translated by Tiffany Tsao

Format: Paperback, English
400 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 1503943585/978-1503943582
Published May 01, 2017 by AmazonCrossing

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She’s a free-spirited dreamer. He’s a brilliant painter. But now their shared passion for art has turned into something deeper…

For as long as she can remember, Kugy has loved to write. Whimsical stories are her passion, along with letters full of secret longings that she folds into paper boats and sets out to sea. Now that she’s older, she dreams of following her heart and becoming a true teller of tales, but she decides to get a “real job” instead and forget all about Keenan, the guy who makes her feel as if she’s living in one of her own fairy tales.

Sensitive and introverted, Keenan is an aspiring artist, but he feels pressured to pursue a more practical path. He’s drawn to Kugy from first sight: she’s unconventional, and the light radiating from her eyes and the warmth of her presence pull him in.

They seem like a perfect match—both on and off the page—but revealing their secret feelings means risking their friendship and betraying the people they love most. Can they find the courage to admit their love for each other and chase their long-held dreams?

Paper Boats is ultimately lite romance reading, but quite successful as such, Dee Lestari putting her obvious talents to good—if somewhat modest—use here.
Orthofer, M.A.   in Paper Boats by Dee Lestari (Complete Review, May 28, 2017)
Most of the translated fiction that I’ve read has been fairly serious. I surprised to find that is this a light hearted and fun book.
Heather Raynack   in What do you have to sacrifice to be a “grown up”? (Personal Blog, May 04, 2017)

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