Book / Poetry Collection

by Oka Rusmini

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
196 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786020501680
Published Jul 01, 2003 by Bentang Pustaka

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The title is taken from a traditional Balinese ceremony performed on the noble women at Pura Desa to deprive her nobility, for marrying a lower-caste man. The word ‘pati’ means to die, and ‘wangi’ means fragrance. From its name and function can be perceived how the ceremony can have psychological impact for the noble women of Bali who must live it.

There are 113 poems in Patiwangi that are divided into three parts. The first part of “Portrait” contains 17 poems that date from 1990 to 1992-1993; the second part of the “Ceremony” with 39 poems with numbers from 1992-1993 to 1995/1996; the last part of “Totem” has the most poetry, 57 in 1996-1998. In these three parts the womb, as female reproductive organs often appear. The conversation about the womb in this book is different because it is voiced by women with honesty, without glorification.1

  1. Ros Aruna 

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