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Blanket of Dust
by Agustinus Wibowo

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
468 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9789792252859
Published Jan 12, 2010 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama

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In 2006, Agustinus set off on a journey to Kabul, Afghanistan where he lived for two years among the locals and worked as a photo-journalist covering various aspects — both cultural and political — of the nation’s modern history in the making. Based on his notes and personal observations, Blanket of Dust will take you around ”fantasy land” — often represented by ruins, landmines, and city streets emboldened by religious terror. You will follow the author’s footprints trekking up and down mountainous regions, riding on the back of trucks, and drinking tea the Persian way, while contemplating the remains of a glorious country which for hundreds of years have been eroded by war and power struggles — and ultimately lifting the black veil that for so long has become the identity of a nation so breath-taking in size and scope you will find this journey worth taking. Each grain of dust will lead you to the discovery of life on a magical land that has been abandoned, colonized, and forgotten for centuries — until, finally, it is recovered.1

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