Si Parasit Lajang: Seks, Sketsa, & Cerita

Book / Autobiographical

The Single Parasite
by Ayu Utami

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
180 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9799778425/9789799778420
Published Aug 01, 2003 by Gagas Media

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The Single Parasite’s protagonist is a metropolitan girl who doesn’t want to get married. The book comprises a collection of funny and ironic short stories about daily life and opinion columns especially on gender and civil rights issues. The Single Parasite ridicules different forms of social hypocrisy.

The Single Parasite is a bestseller in the year of its publication. The content of the book is renewed ten years after (2013).1

  1. Ayu Utami’s Indonesia & World 

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