Six Days. Re-loving a Broken Heart

Book / Memoir

by Tita Alissa Bach

Format: Paperback, English
264 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 8269158305/9788269158304
Published May 09, 2019 by Fjordbliss AS

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Have you ever experienced a broken heart that really stopped you from living?

In this inspiring memoir about moving on after a shattering separation, Tita Alissa Bach invites the reader on an encouraging journey, sharing her personal quest for healing and uncovering the forgotten secret on how to feel love again.

Tita had grown up with her parents’ great love and dreamed of it for herself. When she finally found her soulmate, his different religion was something that drew them closer together; but she was left shattered when a missing family blessing forced them apart forever.

Broken-hearted, Tita retreated to a beautiful monastery in the Netherlands. There, she spent six days in noble silence, facing down the demons that she had tried to deny: screaming at the darkness, revisiting her parents’ steadfast love story and reflecting on her own life, working to find solace and healing.

Told with innocence and humour, this memoir documents Tita’s quietly miraculous journey to the revelation that enabled her bleeding heart to feel love again.

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